May 2017, Your Custom Travels teamed with our terrific friend and professional photographer, Laura (her website) for our company's virgin voyage to a destination outside of Cuba (Your Cuba Travel).  We ventured to Italy's Amalfi Coast, scouted it out, met contacts, hiked, ate, drank, and built a fantastic itinerary.

Though the reviews of 2017's Amalfi tour is a unanimous 5-star rating (Read the Reviews) we are of the mindset that anything can be improved upon.  Well, except for a U.S. issued poncho liner, which is perfection personified.  For those who know - you do know what I'm saying is true.  If you don't know then educate yourself and buy yourself one!

We conducted a critical analysis of what could make the itinerary, the coordination, and the overall experience better and posted the new itinerary for 2018.  Please visit our website for details.  Hope to see you there!