Our family and best friends, Dave and Mary Lee, did a two week excursion to Croatia in 2016.  As a major, personal vacation we conducted a massive amount of research and then explored Croatia from North to South, zig-zagging East to West as necessary to hit points of interest.

Laura (website) asked us if we'd be interested in returning to Croatia, for a tour this time instead of personal vacation.  Of course!  We trimmed the days down some and focused on the best that Croatia has to offer; we believe that our Croatia itinerary for 2018 is truly unique and you owe it to yourself to experience it!

This Croatia itinerary is better than the personal vacation that we planned and paid for ourselves!  We trimmed the fat - got rid of what wasn't worth your time or not that great - and really focused on the best of the very best that Croatia is.  We can't wait to go back to Croatia, I hope that you can go too!

Did I mention that Dubrovnik is "King's Landing" in the Game of Thrones?!  Or that you can stand on the same wall that Tyrion Lannister did, overlooking the bay where he oversaw the Battle of Blackwater?  Do you want to sit on the Iron Throne?  You can!

Check out our website for the full detailed itinerary.